Welcome to Sail Loft Yoga Studio

Our sail Loft in the boathouse has windows all around that overlook St. Margaret’s Bay. This is where we come together to practice yoga. We see the moon on the water, whales frolicking, sailboats breezing by in the sun, seabirds, or the blue gray ocean with its pounding surf and beating rain. We feel very much a part of the natural world in this space, connected by our breath with the ocean and the sky.

Boathouse Evolution

The Sail Loft Studio, The Lodge, Aspotogan Peninsula

Sacred space,
hewn from rock, beside a spring, with reverence for wood
Created as boat storage,
there was, at the time, talk of building and launching a Viking longboat, but
it was given, instead, to me “for dancing”.
One day, Philip predicted that I would teach yoga there,
and over the past eleven years,
word has spread that this is a special place. - Cathy

We have lived here on the shores of St. Margaret's Bay for a long time - born or raised - and deeply appreciate its facets and charm. The pebble beach we always used for swimming, with its freshwater spring and rocky point for diving, seemed like a perfect place for a kayak storage building and sail loft. So we built one. As it neared completion, people started hanging out in the sail loft, to look at the ocean, watch the waves, dance, sing, relax, or sleep and watch the sunrise over the water in the morning. Yogis were especially attracted, so we made it a yoga loft, too. Now, it has evolved into a full-fledged yoga studio, where sails are folded and stored in the winter. Its quiet location overhanging the rocky shore makes it a very special place. We invite you to come and feel it.  - Philip

I LOVE the twist on the yoga studio’s name...sails get pulled and tucked, can gently flow and offer tranquility and peace whether reefed or under full sail...just like one attempts to “reach” (bad pun!!) when doing a yoga practise! - Sue N, NS

Sail Loft Yoga Studio | Hubbards, Nova Scotia