Pelvic Floor Workshop

With Catherine Guest and Stacey Steeves. Two workshops on the three layers of the pelvic floor in Hubbards area and in Antigonish, NS

Every pelvis has its own history... a study of the pelvic floor

First workshop: Saturday, October 29nd, 2016, Sail Loft Studio, The Lodge, near Hubbards, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturday, November 19th, Lanark, Antigonish, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

As women, we believe that due to aging, labour and delivery, a “soggy” pelvic floor is inevitable, and we are doomed to urinary incontinence, (or worse)! Though it is challenging to access our pelvic floors, ancient texts speak of a private practice done very quietly...

Stacey Steeves and Catherine Guest are delighted to share with you some of their ongoing discoveries on the mysteries of this energetic, important, and largely misunderstood area. Working with yoga poses, breath practices, and anatomical study over two five hour workshops (dates for the second one, in early spring, 2017, are to be announced), we will explore together the three layers – and debunk a few myths!

This first series is open to women only; no previous yoga experience is necessary.
Cost is $60, and includes a light snack.


Bike Skills & Yoga

A workshop of bike skills and yoga for all ages and abilities.

Learn how to change gears efficiently and effectively to create momentum and ‘spin’.

Discover the mysteries of the derailleur, the brakes, the cables, optimal riding position, drafting, and more!
Ride with others in a group, refreshing your knowledge of the rules of the road, and gaining confidence in the traffic flow.

Incorporate some easy yoga before and after cycling in our beautiful sail loft space to help with balance, strength, and confidence.

Enjoy a great day outside in one of the most renowned places in the world to bicycle!