The Warmest Days…
News from the Sail Loft Studio

#2118 Rte 329, The Lodge, 858-3330; July/August 2020

It’s been so long….in fact, the last newsletter read: “The Coldest Days”….
So much has changed since then!

It is unlikely that there will be any yoga classes at the studio this summer. Our chair yoga classes at the Fox Point Lion’s Club and the Blandford Community Centre are also on hold for now. However, I would love to meet with you one-on-one, or in a small, private group, if you are interested in developing your at-home practice, or if you have any questions about your yoga experience. We can arrange to meet at the studio, in your own home, on a beach or other neutral setting, or on-line. First step is to “catch up” with a little visit. After that, we can decide how and if you would like to proceed with more sessions.

In the meantime, we are able to offer our boathouse apartment for rent, as well as the studio. You can check for prices by going to, click on Contacts, and find “Boathouse Rental”. For inquiries about availability, you can get in touch with me by email or phone.

Enjoy the summer, and see you in the fall! Cathy

Swim time!

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Please contact Cathy Guest at or
tel: 902 857 1224 or 902 857 3600