5-Day Yoga Intensive and Meditation Retreat with Hart Lazer     

5 days of daily yoga and meditation practice with master teacher Hart Lazer. Add-ons include guided
bike tours, sailing forays, sea-kayaking and woodland hikes.

Bike Skills & Yoga

A workshop of bike skills and yoga for all ages and abilities. Learn how to change gears effectively,
discover  the mysteries of the derailleur, learn about optimal riding position, drafting, and more!
Incorporate some easy yoga before and after cycling to help with balance and strength.

Summerville Beach Walk & Yoga              

3 days. Walking and yoga at the ocean’s edge.

Yoga & Islands  

4 nights. Daily forays to islands by sailboat and seakayak to explore on foot, including yoga both outdoor
and in studio. 


Sail Loft Yoga Studio | Hubbards, Nova Scotia